The journey from Essen to Houston was no easy feat. Learn more of our enriching history that started all the way From essen Belgium and how we ended up in the u.s. and china today.

Our Company

Since 1965, Valéron Strength Films has specialized in manufacturing a unique high-strength oriented cross-laminated polyethylene and other specialty films used in hundreds of unique applications worldwide. Our high-strength and specialty substrates offer unparalleled performance in demanding construction, packaging, print media, and other strength and specialty film applications.

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Our Team

With our members located in Houston, Essen, and Shanghai, we strive to make sure our teams bring diverse ideas to the table and create only the best solutions for our customers. 50 years of experience allows Valéron to provide the highest quality film to any business worldwide.

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Core Values

The values that we strongly adhere to at Valéron are the same ones that ITW taught us: Integrity, Respect, Trust, Shared Risk, and Simplicity. Through these values, we can effectively build and deliver valuable and meaningful relationships with our employees and customers.

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Strategic Intent

Our Strategic Intent at Valéron is to become the "Global cross-laminated technology advisor and film producer delivering competitive advantage where performance and durability matter." This is how we strengthen our performance, build our sales, and refine our process to further our mission of solving new problems.

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The most significant contribution Valéron makes to the environment is source reduction.  Valéron film replaces much thicker films in demanding applications reducing material and disposal requirements. We're continuously looking for more ways of producing sustainable options for our customers.

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