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A cross-laminated polyolefin that is taken to new levels of performance. After countless iterations in our lab, we created a film that features outstanding strength, a heightened spectrum of resistances in many categories, and much more. In fact, you have probably already used a tag, label, or package made with award winning Valéron Strength Film, as it can be found in electrical cord labels, pilfer-resistant flexible packaging, pool chemical packaging, and construction waterproofing membranes.

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Cross Laminated
Valéron laminates two oriented polyethylene films with orientations crossed at about 90 degrees creating a tough, tear-resistant film.
Ultraviolet resistance
UV stable grades are available for demanding outdoor exposure applications.
Tear resistance
Valéron’s unique cross lamination process produces film that resists tearing.
Chemical resistance
Valéron film retains its toughness when exposed to many common chemicals.
Puncture Resistance
Valéron cross-laminated film resists failures from blunt objects.
Weather resistance
Strong weather changes will not harm or destroy film.
Tear Propagation Resistance
Most films fail easily from a nick or hole. Our cross laminated film technology prevents further failure from minor nicks and holes.
Temperature Resistance
Valéron’s unique physical properties are not significantly affected by changes in temperature.
  • Printable via flexo, offset, screen, ion deposition, and thermal transfer
  • Can be die cut and perforated on press, folded, embossed, punched, stapled or stitched
  • FDA compliant grades available
  • Use a thinner gauge without losing any of its properties
Product Ranges
  • Gauges (mils): 3.0 - 10.0+
  • Surface Treatment: Uncoated, 1 side clay coated, 2 side clay coated
  • Widths: 35" - 78"

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