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Valéron Strength Films offers a wide range of print media solutions using either our Valéron or V-MAX films.

Tags and labels have
never been easier.

Valeron film is an extremely versatile, high-performance product line that resists tearing, puncturing, and weathering. Our proprietary, cross-lamination manufacturing process provides considerably tighter gauge control than competitive spun bonded, smoother printing surfaces, and ease in converting. Valéron is so strong that it will not tear, even when nicked, and withstands cold temperature. UV stabilized, Valéron grades hold up well during outdoor exposure and provides superior moisture and chemical resistance making it ideal for engine tags as well as cruise and freight tags.

‍V-Max synthetic paper offers you an economical, long-lasting solution for printing outdoortags and labels, as well as dozens of other pre-printed or print-on-demand solutions.The smooth surface gives you an excellent balance of performance and price. UV-stabilized forlong lasting outdoor performance, recyclable V-Max synthetic paper withstands moisture,chemicals, and cold temperature extremes.


Tags and Labels

Valéron synthetic paper offers a long-lasting solution for indoor and rugged outdoor tag applications such as lumber tags, lumber load tags, fence tags, rebar tags, and more. The unique construction of Valéron makes it the most durable choice for high-performance tagging applications. Valéron film offers the superior staple pull-out strength, outdoor durability, UV stability,
ability to withstand moisture, chemicals and cold temperature extremes.

When tags must withstand exposure to the elements, but don’t quite need the strength of Valéron , V-Max is the solution. V-Max is ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor tag applications, such as brick tags, menus, ID cards, event passes, maps, horticulture tags, nursery tags and more. If you are wondering which option works best for your application, please contact our customer service to learn more information.

Our highlighted list of examples include:
  • Hanging IV Labels
  • Air Bag Covers
  • EKG Labels (electrocardiogram)
  • RFID (radio frequency identification)
  • Law Labels
  • Strength Tape

Valéron Film

  • Corona treated for optimal results when flexo, offset, or screen printed, can also be thermal transfer printed (ANSI A Scans)
  • Outdoor Durability: UV stabilized for improved weather resistance and performance in harsh environments
  • Performance in temperatures from -70°F/-57C to +200°F/93°C.
  • Good ink adhesion: non-smearing
  • Chemical and Oil Resistance
  • Pre-printed or print-on-demand
  • Excellent Staple Pullout Resistance

V-Max Film

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