Our Team

Valéron harnesses the diverse experience and passionate drive that our employees bring to the table. with offices located in three different countries, Valéron is committed to bringing the most durable and high performance solutions for our ever-growing customer base.

Leadership Team

Valéron's team of directors collaborate to continuously improve our business as a leader in the plastic films market. Together, we’re innovating better ways to provide stronger solutions, and tackle a variety of applications with users worldwide.

Chris Giles
Vice President/General Manager

Chris is the Vice president and General Manager of Valéron. His mission is to establish a vision for the business and utilize his leadership skills to develop the team and processes necessary to carry this out. Chris has over 25 years of commercial experience in understanding people, customers, markets, and developing strategies to deliver value.

Julien Li
Global Sales Director

Julien is the Sales Director of Valéron. Her goal is to ensure that we have close relationships with our most important customers and we're enabling opportunities to provide solutions for our key customers and markets.

Mike Wickman
Operations Director

Mike is the Operations Director of Valéron. Mike strives to globally align our operations so they're reliable and serve the needs of our customers.

Andrew Haymonds
Finance Director

Andrew Haymonds is the Finance Director of Valéron. Andrew's goal is to establish a disciplined finance team that's a strong partner with operations. He makes sure that we have a good handle on the key drivers of the business to ensure long term performance, financial stability, and sustainability in accordance with ITW accounting practices.

Mike Rancich
Innovation Director

Mike Rancich is the Innovation Director of Valéron. Mike's goal is to facilitate and grow the future of our business. He makes sure that we are being innovative, staying on top of technology, and meeting demands of the markets before or as it's needed.

Mark Carberry
HR Director

Mark is the Global Director of Human Resources of Valéron. Mark's goal is to shift the culture of the business to being more under ITW company. He helps serve as the catalyst in making sure all employees work towards a more deliberate performance that will be sustainable for years to come.

Boris Ploum
Essen Plant Manager

Boris Ploum is the plant manager of our production facility in Essen, Belgium. With his team, he drives continuous improvement in all operational areas: safety, quality, cost. He does this by applying the ITW toolbox and with the help of a highly motivated workforce.

Jeffrey Xu
China General Manager

Jeffrey Xu is the General Manager of our China business with office in Shanghai. Jeffrey and the China team are committed to working together with customers to develop innovative solutions to solve end users’ needs. His goal is to continuously support our customers business growth with Valeron’s knowledge of global industry markets and innovation capability.

Thomas Zhao
Business Unit Manager, China/Asia

Thomas Zhao is the commercial leader of Valeron China. Thomas’ in-depth experience is notable with customer development, new product development, as well as the execution of sales and marketing strategies. Throughout his 10+ years with Valeron, Thomas has played a key business development role in the Chinese cross laminated film industry and contributed significantly to the division's success.

Houston, Texas

Our Valéron Headquarters is based in Houston. The Houston team is responsible for carrying out the main operations and maintaining not only our facility, but ensuring all global sales are being successfully pushed out to satisfy customer needs. Our Houston team makes sure that both Essen and Shanghai team members are producing high-quality strength films and evolving our solutions with new customer problems.

Essen, Belgium

Valéron’s Essen facility is our European manufacturing hub. Our Essen team serves customers from Europe, Middle East and around the globe. Van Leer’s Research Lab started development in Passfield, UK, whereas our first plant was constructed in 1965 in Essen, Belgium. Van Leer Flexibles would later become what is known as Valéron film today. Our Essen team is focused on delivering high quality cross laminated films to all customers.

Shanghai, China

Valéron’s China team works closely with our Chinese customers to develop new and enhanced products that solve problems and provide value to our customers and their customers. Our China team maintains sales with important Chinese customers, and provides detailed technical product assistance whenever needed.

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