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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Getting Started

Who We Are

Valéron Strength Films is a global manufacturer of high strength polymer films.  We are the market leader in cross laminated film technology for industrial applications.

How We Started

Valéron film was developed by the Dutch Van Leer group in 1965 in Essen, Belgium. The cross laminated film technology and manufacturing process was later expanded to Houston Texas.

What We Do

Valéron Strength Films is a global manufacturer of high strength polymer films. We manufacture cross laminated HDPE film using a proprietary manufacturing process that enables high strength and durability in a lightweight and flexible film. We seek to solve our customer’s toughest problems with our technical expertise in the construction waterproofing and performance packaging market space.

Our Products

What is Valéron film?

Valéron film is a unique cross laminated film made from HDPE.  Our unique three step manufacturing process creates a strong and durable but lightweight and flexible film. Each Valéron film type is uniquely developed for its application in the construction waterproofing and performance packaging market.

What is V-Max?

V-Max film is manufactured using a blown extrusion process. The film is also surface treated to provide for excellent printability for the performance packaging market.

What is Valéron Lamination?

Valéron Lamination films consist of Valeron film laminated to another substrate. Valéron Laminations has grown in popularity due to Valéron film’s ability to enhance properties when combined with other substrates. Successful Valéron Laminations include foil, PET, Polyester and other substrates.

How is your film made?

Valéron film is made through three manufacturing steps: blown extrusion/orientation, bias cutting and cross lamination.
You can view our process here.

How strong is your film?

Valéron films are up to 150% stronger than typical non cross laminated PE films of the same thickness.

What kind of properties does your film have?

Valéron films is puncture, weather, chemical and UV resistant. Due to its unique manufacturing process, Valéron films are also highly thermal and dimensionally stable.  This ensures products made or packaged with Valéron films retain its intended shape throughout the manufacturing process and during use in the application.

What makes your film different from other cross-laminated films?

Valéron Strength Films is the first to produce cross laminated films in the world. As such they have unsurpassed experience in producing high quality film with consistent performance over 50+ years.

Technical Questions

How does delivery work?

Each master roll order of Valéron film is shipped to customers using their preferred freight forwarder. Valéron customer service can help customers organize freight depending on each specific customer’s needs.

What certifications do you have?

Valéron Strength Films is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Can I request some samples?

Absolutely! Samples can be requested through this Contact page. Simply tell us a few things about your desired application by filling out the request form above and a sales representative will be in contact with you.

Is Valéron film recyclable?

Uncoated Valéron films is made with 100% HDPE and is class 2 recyclable.

Can I print on Valéron film?

All Valéron film surface treated for ink adhesion. Valéron films can also be coated to allow higher detail printing.

I have some technical questions. Who do I call?

We have customer service on stand by Monday through Friday who can direct your technical questions to the right personnel.

I have a small application. Where can I get Valéron film?

Valéron services hundreds of end users with smaller applications through a few qualified distribution partners. Reach out to us in our contacts page with your application, and we will connect you with the right distribution partner for your market.

Can your film be used outdoors?

Yes, Valéron films have excellent weather and UV resistant properties.

How long can this product be exposed to the outdoors?

Our number one product is Valeron: a high-performance cross laminated plastic film that offer unparalleled performance in demanding strength and specialty film applications in industries worldwide.

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