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FOOD & DRINK | Aug 22, 2021

Developing durable and sub zero temperature control packaging solution for cultured cheese transport.



  • Produce a package to transport cultured cheese
  • Must have puncture-resistant, sub zero tolerant, highly durable material
  • Packaging unavailability due to COVID-19 pandemic


  • Use Valéron film packaging application

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Bancroft Bag is a manufacturer which operates the largest, diversified, multi-wall-bag plant in the United States and was approached by their customer to produce a package to transport cultured cheese. This package had to be puncture resistant, sub zero tolerant, and highly durable in order to meet the demands of transporting a luxury food item. The incumbent package supplier was not able to meet the end user supply chain requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in the unavailability of packaging for the end users product.
Bancroft Bag end products flattened out to showcase large size and easy flexibility for transport.

Why did Bancroft come to Valéron?

Bancroft Bag reached out to Valéron Strength Films because the incumbent packaging supplier in Europe was having a challenge meeting the requirements of the supply chain during the Covid-19 pandemic; Bancroft Bag needed a reliable supplier with an exceptional and durable product.

Valéron has experience with niche packaging applications where durability and performance are necessary and had a film solution that would meet Bancroft Bag’s requirements regarding puncture resistance, sub zero temperature control, and durability during transport. Valéron’s unique manufacturing process creates a strong cross laminated HDPE film that is high strength, puncture resistant and high quality, all features that Bancroft Bag and their customer were searching for in this critical application.
Bancroft Bag Headquarters in West Monroe, Lousiana.


Valéron needed Contract Converting to help with conversion of the film to fit Bancroft Bag’s packing machinery. Contract Converting specializes in slitting and converting film to customer requested size and was able to provide a solution. The challenge Bancroft was facing was solved by Valéron supplying master rolls to Contract Converting, who in turn converts the material into the proper size that Bancroft’s customers need for their product. The partnership has proven to be successful as the end user is obtaining finished packaging in a consistent and reliable time frame with no challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic. Click here to learn more about how we can help you.
An example of Contract Converting's specialized slitting equipment from their production facility.
Bancroft Bag opened up and standing at full height.
Full length view.
Top opening view.
Exterior view.
Interior view.

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